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Model: FA1046-NP/C/T

10.4" TFT LCD Touch Screen Monitor with 4  Wire Resistive Touch Panel, HDMI and DVI input.

4 wire resistive touch panel, can be upgraded to 5 wire resistive touch panel;
HDMI/DVI input;
Touch screen control;
With VGA input, connecting directly to PC, as a Personal Computer; 
With AV input, connecting directly to DVD player, as a car entertainment system; 
With touch screen operation,it can be used as a display terminal unit of industrial equipment.

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Panel: TFT LCD 10.4" (3642 mm)
Resolution: 800 x 600 (up to 1920 x 1080)
Brightness: 250cd/m2
wing Angle: 130 Deg / 110 Deg  (H/V)
Color System: PAL-4.43, NTSC-3.58
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Input Signal: AV1, AV2, YPBPR, S-video
Power Consumption: 8W Max
Audio Output: 1.2W Max
Contrast: 400:1
Size (LWD)(mm): 226 x 200 x 39/ 260 x 200 x 70 (with bracket)
Weight: 902g / 1474g (with bracket)
4 pin Y/C signal cable:                       1 piece
HDMI signal cable:                             1 piece (optional)
Touch pen:                                           1 piece
Drive disk:                                             1 piece
Remote control:                                   1 piece
DVI line 24+1/DVI-D:                           1 piece (optional)
VGA15-pin cable:                                 1 piece
VIDEO&AUDIO input/output cable:   3 piece
USB connection cable:                       1 piece
Home DC adapter:                              1 piece
YPBPR signal connect cable:            1 piece
Manual:                                                   1 copy
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