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Comply with IP64 Standard,water-proof;
Powerful TI CPU;
3 × USB 2.0 interfaces;
Wide power voltage 9-24V;
Built-in speaker;
Strong vibration resistance;
RS232×3 / RS232×2, RS485×1.

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Using industrial-grade embedded platform, the system is stable and reliable, it has rich interfaces.

Wireless communication, GPS navigation, fault detection, video acquisition and other functions, extensible to provide users with a powerful vehicle-mounted mobile multimedia information systems. 

It can be widely used in personal entertainment, emergency command, transportation scheduling, mobile office, multimedia advertising, industrial control and other fields.


  • Comply with IP64 Standard, dust & water-proof;
  • Powerful TI CPU;
  • 3 × USB 2.0 interface;
  • Wide power voltage;
  • Built-in speaker;
  • Strong vibration resistance;
  • RS232×3 / RS232×2, RS485×1.


3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (built-in), RS485, Bluetooth (built-in).



  • Information Display;
  • Digital Signage;
  • Advertising Terminal;
  • In-Home Control Device;
  • Smart Energy Application;
  • Security & Surveillance;
  • General Communication;
  • Distance Data Acquisition;
  • Navigation System.