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IPS panel 178° wide viewing angles,
High resolution: 1280×800,
High brightness: 400cd/㎡,
High contrast: 800:1,
Faster response time,
Wide voltage: DC 7-24V,
Firm & portable design,
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NEW model 664 IPS monitor. 

The Lilliput 664 monitor is a 7 inch 16:9

LED field monitor with HDMI IN & Out,

Composite video and collapsible sun hood.

Optimized for DSLR cameras.

Note: 664/O (HDMI input & output)

7 inch monitor with wide screen aspect ratio

The Lilliput 664/O monitor has a 1280×800 resolution,

 7" IPS panel, perfect combination for DSLR use and

 the ideal size to fit neatly in a camera bag. 

Optimized for DSLR cameras

Compact size and peaking functionality are the perfect 

complements to your DSLR camera’s features.

Foldable sun hood becomes screen protector

Customers frequently asked Lilliput how to prevent their

monitor's LCD from getting scratched, especially in transit.

Lilliput responded by designing the 664/O's smart screen

protector that folds out to become a sun hood. This solution

provides protection for the LCD and saves space in the

customer’s camera bag. 

HDMI video output - no annoying splitters - 664/O

Most DSLRs only have one HDMI video output,

so customers need to buy expensive and cumbersome

HDMI splitters to connect more than one monitor to the

camera.664/O includes an HDMI-output feature which allows

customers to duplicate the video content onto a second monitor

- no annoying HDMI splitters required. The second monitor

can be any size and picture quality will not be affected.

High resolution

Lilliput's intelligent HD scaling technology used on the

668 has worked wonders for our customers. But some

customers need higher physical resolutions. The Lilliput 664/O

monitor uses the latest IPS LED-backlit display panels that

feature 25% higher physical resolutions. This provides higher

levels of detail and image accuracy.

High contrast ratio

The Lilliput 664/O monitor provides even more innovations

 to pro-video customers with its super-high contrast LCD.

 The 800:1 contrast ratio produces colours that are vivid,

 rich - and importantly - accurate.