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No picture and sound after the power is on?
Possible causes: 1.Check power connection.
2.Misuse the pole.
Countermeasures: 1.Check power input.
2.Correct the pole.
Snowy and unclear picture, or noisy sound?
Possible causes: 1.NO antenna connection.
2.Signal input wire open.
3.Poor local signal.
4.Not proper tuning.
Countermeasures: 1.Check antenna input, change into outdoor aerial of CATV cable.
2.Change manual tune or perform fine tuning to the proper frequency.
Level rolling picture, shaking of the tuning line?
Possible causes: 1.Input voltage lower than 11V or city voltages lower than AC 200V.
2.Not enough adapter output power consumption.
Countermeasures: 1.Adjust the input power DC voltage to the range of 12-15V.
2.Change adapter. of power.
No clear image, shaky picture and multiple figure?
Possible causes: Poor signal or no proper antenna length & angle, no proper direction of outdoor antenna.
Countermeasures: Change into outdoor aerial and readjust of had better use CATV cable.
Black & white picture, strong contrast?
Possible causes: Color saturation, contrast and brightness not proper.
Countermeasures: Readjust.
Interference with net shape?
Possible causes: Interference from outside: Cars/Motorcycles, radiophone, electric welding.
Countermeasures: Improve the receiving condition.
Bright and blank screen No image display?
Possible causes: Low input voltage of the external power supply; Low power consumption to cause the machine working not properly.
Countermeasures: Check the extermal power if suit for the requirement for the unit.